Dear Customers,

We are writing to inform you about a recent increase in phishing attempts targeting customers. Phishing is a fraudulent practice where individuals or entities impersonate legitimate businesses or organizations in an attempt to steal sensitive information, such as login credentials, financial details, or personal data.


  • Suspicious Emails

    Be cautious of emails claiming to be from that ask you to provide personal information or click on links to verify your account. Look for misspellings, grammatical errors, or suspicious email addresses.

  • Urgent Requests

    Phishing emails often create a sense of urgency by claiming that your account is at risk or that immediate action is required. Do not be pressured into providing information or clicking on links hastily.

  • Unsolicited Requests for Information will never ask you to provide sensitive information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or social security numbers, via email or other unsecured channels.

  • Hover Over Links

    Before clicking on any links in emails, hover your mouse over them to preview the URL. Verify that the URL matches the legitimate website and does not redirect to a suspicious or unfamiliar domain.


  • Do Not Respond

    Do not reply to suspicious emails or provide any personal information. Mark the email as spam or phishing, and delete it from your inbox.

  • Report It

    If you receive a phishing email impersonating, please forward it to [email protected] . This helps us identify and take action against phishing attempts.

  • Monitor Your Accounts

    Regularly monitor your bank accounts, credit card statements, and other financial accounts for any unauthorized transactions or suspicious activity

  • Stay Informed

    Stay informed about common phishing tactics and security best practices by visiting the Security Center or reputable cybersecurity websites.

  • Protecting Your Information

    At, the security of our customers' information is our top priority. We have implemented robust security measures to safeguard your data and regularly monitor for potential threats. However, it's important to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to protect yourself against phishing and other online scams.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about phishing attempts targeting customers, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] .

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    Vijaykumar Govind

    CEO, Vizhil

    [email protected]
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